4 February 2021

eHealth: who are we leaving behind? (and how we can take them along for the ride)

eHealth – health programs or information delivered using the internet or other technologies – has the ability to deliver care....
10 November 2020

Implementing eHealth solutions in informal care

Informal caregiving is a process of providing care to loved ones who are unable to care for themselves. This process, at times, takes a toll on the physical, emotional, and social well-being of caregivers.
7 October 2020

Abandoning or killing the ill loved one? Or assisted suicide or euthanasia? A cross-cultural reflection of informal care.

In this short article I tackle the issue of gerontocide and abandonment of the aged and old in the context of informal caregiving in non-industrial societies and compare it with the issue of assisted suicide and euthanasia in developed countries...
17 September 2020

Lessons that I have learned from collaborating on a research project

Thanks to COVID-19, over recent months, many of us had to learn how to effectively work and communicate over distance. Meetings and even coffee breaks, all has been placed online. It is only natural, that for some people this has worked better than...
9 September 2020

Culture Matters: Persuasive Designing of e-Coaching Systems in the Swedish Context

A coach employs a multitude of methods such as motivation techniques, constant encouragement, explanation exercises and activities that allow the individual to assess their progress and any discrepancies between their real and committed behaviors.
13 July 2020

The Increase in Demand for User Experience (UX) Experts

Today, the word “experience” – is defined as a mode in which the users perceive and interact with the products, service, or a system – it is one of the terms, more frequently used in the innovation strategies of the companies and organizations. Whether it is about the development of an e-commerce site, new digital learning environment...
19 June 2020

Let’s look at the brighter side

There is no country in the world that is not affected by the pandemic, COVID-19. The world is slowly adapting to the new concept of social distancing. Many countries went into lockdown and some still are in lockdown, people are staying at home, and if they dare to step out they are required to keep a distance from each other...
7 April 2020

Discovering the Self in Storytelling

In the amazing sci-fi novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the earthman Arthur Dent is being rescued, from the end of the planet Earth, by his alien friend Ford Prefect. Ford sneaks Arthur into a spaceship and they hitch a ride right into the adventure...
6 April 2020

A message for all the informal caregivers around the world

The ESRs from ENTWINE have a special message for all the informal caregivers around the world.