Work package 2

Designing solutions for informal care

WP2 aims to examine whether specific interventions, services and technology-based interventions (eHealth, social robots) could empower caregivers and reduce their burden. If so, WP 2 aims to examine how to deliver which interventions, services and tools, at which time, and to whom, in order to sustain willingness to care, experience optimal outcomes of their roles, and improve quality of life amongst informal caregivers. Methods include experiments, factorial designs and persuasive profiling.

ESR6: Communicating emotion and needs: can social robots interpret and respond to carer needs or help reduce the ‘load’?

ESR7: Assessing the effects of a cognitive-Behavioural Conjoint Therapy for caregivers

ESR8: The potentiality of advanced positive technology for dealing with psychological stress in caregiving

ESR9: Balance in caregiving: an eHealth application to support decision-making

ESR10: Developing persuasive and adaptive ICT solutions that encourage carers’ willingness to care in real time, tailored to contexts