Training - overview

The network-wide training school will be developed on the basis of a Problem Oriented Educational system. The students will be offered knowledge and skills, which will be immediately brought into practice in the network’s learning environment. ENTWINE’s training philosophy revolves around taking advantage of technology to strengthen the bonds between all participants (beneficiaries, ESRs and partners). Furthermore, we will make use of local training facilities (see Mentoring and local training) and the use of secondments during the three-year period of training.

The network-wide integrated learning environment will use both:
- webinars: ENTWINE Awareness and Inspiration series (in Year 1 of the training) and the ENTWINE LAB Webinar series (Year 2 and 3 of the training)
- and face-to-face meetings with the network as a whole, twice a year (Annual ENTWINE Meetings & Annual ENTWINE Conference)

ENTWINE’s training programme and the various series will be a ‘living lab’ which will provide the ESRs the opportunity to train various other skills, such as negotiating, chairing sessions, organising events and lecturing.