ENTWINE Annual meetings

During the 3 annual meetings of ENTWINE, 4-day courses will be organised to strengthen the multidisciplinary and intersectoral skills of each ESR. The three modules of the “ENTWINE Meeting and Career Perspective” series (one for each annual meeting), will constitute the fundamental blocks of a comprehensive training programme that will cover the innovation chain in informal care. The format will be a four-day meeting: (a) exchange of state of affairs, (b) site visits to organisations/companies related to the topic, (c) masterclasses on specific themes (advanced knowledge) and (d) career perspective workshops.

Importantly, the ‘career perspective workshops’ are meant to make the ESRs to think about their own skills and to reflect on the career path they envision for themselves. Part of these workshops will be training in leadership, entrepreneurship and academia. Additionally, in the last meeting we will also focus on dissemination of the knowledge and discuss future possibilities of research and development.